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In Memoriam: Walter W. Miller, Jr. (1932–2021)

posted by Stephen Lubben

Wally Miller, my bankruptcy professor at BU Law back in the 1990s, has passed away. He is quite directly the reason why I became interested in bankruptcy.


A gentle soul and one of my mentors, who was my BU Law bankruptcy professor back in the 1980s. He even let me come back as a guest lecturer from time to time to teach his class.

Thanks for sharing. Wally was a refreshingly different kind of law professor - brilliant, but also compassionate.

Wally taught our bankruptcy class right from the text of the Bankruptcy Reform Act of 1978. When I started as a bankruptcy associate the day the Code went into effect, I felt completely prepared. I also took two UCC classes from Wally, and I will never forget Wally teaching all of Article 9 in two weeks when he learned that his secured transactions course would be cancelled for the following term. Those two weeks served as the foundation for what I have been doing ever since.

His ability to switch glasses on the fly - between reading the Code and then looking out at the class - was amazing to watch. He was a big part of making BU Law in the 1990s a welcoming place, and he is greatly missed by his former students.

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