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Mick Mulvaney for Hypocrite Laureate?

posted by Adam Levitin

Remember Mick Mulvaney?  He was a Tea Party Congressman who became head of OMB for Trump and was then named acting CFPB Director and ultimately acting Chief of Staff for Trump before being appointed special envoy to Northern Ireland.  Well he’s resigned in protest over the sacking of the Capitol. 

I'm glad to hear that Mick is opposed to mob violence. But Mick has always been a virutoso of hypocrisy, but here he’s outdone himself. Let's not forget that Mick Mulvaney personally did far worse damage to our country than all of the Trumpist rioters.


Adam - great lead - would love to read the 'list' of Mulvaney's (mis)conduct (CFPB) to remind us all of how far our 'rulers' have sacked and obstructed financial protections when needed most - the CFPB is not a figment of the past - we need to be reminded why it was created and where it wrongfully got dumped - and now lost to consumers . . . this should be one of the first corrections, the CFPB repaired and fortified - perhaps Warren could finally head it up which should have been in the first place 10 years ago. Consumers have not forgotten or been yet rescued. . . please elaborate on the ill actions of those in charge these past 4 years of lost protections, or no protections at all. It is time to reclaim the bureau and set it up right once and for all.

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