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Call for Commercial Law Topics (and Jargon!)

posted by Melissa Jacoby

For the spring semester, I am offering advanced commercial law and contracts seminar for UNC students, and have gathered resources to inspire students on paper topic selection as well as to guide what we otherwise will cover. But given the breadth of what might fit under the umbrella of the seminar's title, the students and I would greatly benefit from learning what Credit Slips readers see as the pressing issues in need of more examination in the Uniform Commercial Code, the payments world, and beyond. Some students have particular competencies and interests in intellectual-property and/or transnational issues, so specific suggestions in those realms would be terrific. Comments are welcome below or you can write us at bankruptcyprof <at> gmail <dot> com. 

We also are going to do a wiki of commercial law jargon/terminology. So please also toss some terms our way through the same channels as above (or Twitter might be especially useful here: @melissabjacoby).

Thank you in advance for the help!


Madden jargon and preemption paper topic suggestion:

How about a paper on the Predatory-when-made Doctrine (or at least a glossary entry) to complement the newly resurrected and re-purposed Valid-when-Made Doctrine.

Great idea @Wolfgang Demino- than you!

oops, what I meant to type was *thank* you!

You might look at IP Security Agreements, and Security Agreements more generally, and any litigation stemming therefrom. Also, the UN Convention on Contracts for the International Sale of Goods (CISG),and any arbitration under that convention, may provide some interesting material.

Totally agree that these should be on the list - thanks,@Ted Edwards!

Don't know if this is what you have in mind, but there is a wonderful article from 15-20 years ago, "Hooray for Gibberish," about bankruptcy jargon. Should be easy to find on Westlaw.

Thanks, Judge G! I recall reviewing that article when collecting bankruptcy jargon - will look at it again to see which terms might be operable outside of title 11.

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