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Greatest Bankruptcy Case Name Ever?

posted by Adam Levitin

This morning I saw a docket for a bankruptcy case captioned In re Kabbalah Taxi, Inc.  Look for the cab with the little red thread around its mirror. If you meditate properly on the Tetragrammaton you will be teleported to your destination, although there are special fees for bridges and tunnels. I suppose the company competes with the Magic School Bus and the Chariot of Fire. Or it might just be a yeshivah bukher with a side job.

Any other great case names out there? Comments are open. 


The ones in the Lowering the Bar story are good. Forfeiture case names in particular tend to be funny. If we are focusing specifically on bankruptcy cases, one of my favorites is In re The Bible Speaks, D. Mass., 86-40932.

United States v. Lawless, 709 F.2d 485 (7th Cir.1983). OK, there are probably lots of "U.S. v. Lawless" cases, but this one was my father. Because of the style of the case, I probably should make clear that the question was whether his clients could assert attorney-client privilege in the documents they had provided to him to prepare a tax return.

Hold on, how can we possibly forget In re OPM Leasing Services. Yes, the OPM in the company name stood for exactly what you think it does!

It's hard to beat In re Shat.

Wheeler-Dealer, Ltd. v. Christ


Not a bankruptcy case. Wheeler-Dealer Ltd, also known as Wheeler Financial, recently lost a case where the district court reversed the bankruptcy court.


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