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Civil Rights and Economic Justice in a New Era

posted by Melissa Jacoby

FlyerSharing news of this post-election civil rights conference on December 2, 2016 that, notably for Credit Slips, features pathbreaking research by Professors Mechele Dickerson and Bob Lawless (in collaboration with Dov Cohen and the late Jean Braucher) on the intersection of race with debt and bankruptcy and an exploration of how this research informs policymaking and advocacy going forward. Time permitting, I will address a different intersection between race and debt: collecting judgments arising from police misconduct when cities file for bankruptcy. Thanks to Professor Ted Shaw and the Center for Civil Rights for recognizing the role debtor-creditor research can play in the quest for equality. 

Register using this link.



Civil Rights? Similar to the Rules of Civil Procedure. Broken again by my own zombies. Which are ... basically words that fail depending on who you are. New era? Sounds cliche. When u r a SWF. Autonomy is a virtue but its lonely. To my mentors, Dr. Tinay at the top, Adam, Bob, and ZOMBIES everywhere. Im still here. Great article by the way. So many brilliant ppl yet, its miasma, how the separation of academia, public servants, blind justice, mainstream media, and yes, even credit slips , business and money are all words that have many meanings. And as words, do, fail. and social change is as cool a buzz word as sustainability. Its all consumer advertising to me ... all based on emotinal appeal while the product doesnt deliver. .. Michael Porter, another mentor ... speaks of a new capitalism massive change where there are no moral heroes or evil villains. , its an illusion, a dream . America as united states gives us an image of colors on a map. People really only dig their home state they were born in its that simple. We are GLOBAL all of us.. brilliant, and all of us.. live and die alone. The reality is at the mega levels of life,city, state, county, federal, ngo, etal, xyz... there are no borders or state lines or political parties that even really matter. The things we share are so much more important than what we dont, but in the current day with so many people beating so many drums, theres NO BEAT,.. no rythym just noise... https://youtu.be/KqWTC0F3KKA

This is some music for y;all, Raise your finger with me.. TEXAS STYLE! https://youtu.be/6WXzNoruGto

Im Zombie hunting again...

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