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Law & Society, 2016 Panels on Household Finance

posted by Bob Lawless

If you happen to be at the 2016 Law & Society Association meetings in New Orleans, stop by the panels from the Collaborative Research Network (CRN) on Household Finance. This group got its start as an international collaborative studying overindebtedness thanks for the leadership of people like the late Jean Braucher, Johanna Niemi, Iain Ramsay, and Bill Whitford. We have scholars from all over the world and from diverse disciplines thinking about how law on the ground affects household financial outcomes. Below the fold is a listing of panels, topics, and presenters for this year. If you are an academic and want to be on the CRN email list, contact me or Credit Slips blogger Dalie Jimenez.

Consumers’ Reactions to Financial Problems: Multi-National Perspectives
Thu, 6/2: 2:45 PM - 4:30 PM

"Creative Families: Coping Strategies To Navigate Through a Sea of Financial Distress"
Catarina Frade, University of Coimbra (presenter)
Lina Coelho, University of Coimbra

"Exploring a Gender Dimenstion in Household Financial Negotiation Processes"
Miguel Oliveira, University of Coimbra (presenter)
Fernanda Jesus, University of Coimbra

"Health Financial Behavior and Its Influential Factors"
Tamara Madern, Amsterdam University of Applied Sciences (presenter)
Nadja Jungmann, Hogeschool Utrecht

"Ownership Flats -- An Unsure Investment in an Over-Indebted Sweden"
Karin Lundström Florin, Örebro University (co-presenter)
Karin Blad, Örebro University (co-presenter)

Thu, 6/2: 4:45 PM - 6:30 PM

"Applying the Federal Civil Debt Collection Framework to Combat Abuses in Criminal Justice Debt Collection"
Neil Sobol, Texas A&M University (presenter)

"Fixes that Fail: The Effects of Some Governmental Interventions on Consumers During the 2008 Foreclosure Crisis
Judith Fox, Notre Dame University (presenter)

"Performance-Based Investor Protection"
Lauren Willis, Loyolya University, Los Angeles (presenter)

"Perpetual Debts"
Dalie Jimenez, University of Conneticut (presenter)

The U.S. Consumer Bankruptcy System
Sat, 6/4: 8:15 AM - 10:00 AM

"A Tale of Two Bankruptcies: The Roots of Retrenchment in America’s Protection of Private Debtors"
Emily Zackin, Johns Hopkins University (presenter)

"Accessing Bankruptcy Justice: An Ethnography of a Petition Preparer's Office"
Michael Sousa, University of Denver (presenter)

"Explaining Chapter 13"
Sara Greene, Duke University (presenter)

"The Graying of the U.S. Bankruptcy System"
Robert M. Lawless, University of Illinois (presenter)
Katherine Porter, University of california, Irvine
Deborah Thorne, University of Idaho

Threats to Consumers’ Financial Soundness
Sat, 6/4: 2:45 PM - 4:30 PM

"Barriers to Debt Relief for Undocumented Debtors"
Chrystin Ondersma, Rutgers School of Law Newark (presenter)

"Documenting Coerced Debt"
Angela Littwin, University of Texas (presenter)
Adrienne Adams, Michigan State University

"Private Lines of Credit for Law, Medical and Business School Students: A Canadian Perspective"
Saul Schwartz, Carleton University (co-presenter)
Stephanie Ben-Ishai, Osgoode Hall Law School (co-presenter)

"The Expressive Power of Bankruptcy"
Pamela Foohey, Indiana University


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