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New personal insolvency laws cover (almost) all of Europe

posted by Jason Kilborn

This summer saw a flurry of legislative activity in Europe with respect to personal bankruptcy. New laws emerged in Cyprus, Romania, Hungary, and (though it is not an EU Member State) Russia. These laws differ substantially among each other and from earlier models, which will give me a lot to write about in the coming years, but it is notable that the list of non-adopters in Europe is rapidly dwindling. Only Bulgaria, Malta, and the newest EU Member State, Croatia, lack such a law, and at least in Croatia, the subject has been on the legislative docket recently. It will really be interesting to see what happens if the rest of the Balkans and Turkey are approved as the latest applicants to join the EU and fall under pressure to adopt personal insolvency regimes. Will Turkey give us the first Islamic consumer bankruptcy law? Interesting times.


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