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In Which We Enter the Fourth Grade

posted by Bob Lawless

Ninth Anniversay LogoToday is the ninth anniversary of Credit Slips, which means we are now old enough for the fourth grade. Thanks for reading and for your support.

The year we started, 2006, seems so long ago. The W was in the White House, and we were "Mission Accomplished" in Iraq for three whole years at that point. We had just experienced the second sitting vice president to shoot another person while in office. And, it was a year the St. Louis Cardinals would win the World Series (so some things change not so much). CFPB was just a nascent idea that one of our co-bloggers was promoting.

I won't make any predictions about the next nine years lest I anger the Giant Robot Overlords who will be in charge by then.


Congratulations to the ninth anniversary of Credit Slips! I always enjoy coming to this blog and getting the latest information about credit, insolvency and bankruptcy in the US and elsewhere. Over the years, you have managed to gather some of the greatest bankruptcy scholars - thanks a lot for this!

The only weakness is that - as a European/German - I sometimes miss more internationally and comparatively oriented perspectives and insights from other countries (although Jason Kilborn does a great job in informing us about some developments). Maybe the Giant Robot Overlords can take care of this in the future.

Like every school promotion, from every grade, congratulations on your promotion to 4th grade.

Sharpened pencils & crayons still required, along with superior keyboarding skills.Alas, unlike my 4th grade, cherry bombs on the playground means juvenile detention rather than school detention. What a drag.

Thrilled with easy-english articles and excellent deployment of wit, irony and sarcasm.

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