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Why? Why?

posted by Stephen Lubben

I'm totally with this guyHershey's move to keep British Cadbury's products out of the US is un-American. Anyone who has tasted the British version of Cadbury's knows that it's a far superior product.

But what's the bankruptcy angle? After all, this is still a bankruptcy blog ... broadly defined.C Bar

Well look at the Times article about this scandal:  it seems that the agreement between Hershey's and Cadbury, and Hershey's rather aggressive enforcement of the same, is apt to drive a few small businesses into bankruptcy.

That really seems un-American.

(Ok cynics, have at it.)


Are they?

I know loads of Malaysians who prefer British Cadbury's BUT I sat next to an executive from Cadbury's who claimed everyone in the office had their own regional favourites, they were all different, and he thought South African was by far the best.

What I don't understand is why this agreement does not violate some antitrust law or is prohibited under some trade agreement.

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