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What the ...?

posted by Stephen Lubben

Just received this month's ABI Journal. I surely can't be the only one who finds the ad for the BMC Group – inside the front cover – obnoxious, even offensive (I'm not going to dignify it by reproducing it). I get that sex sells ... but in a bankruptcy journal, advertising a claims agent?


Agreed ... thanks for pointing out, Stephen. Let's hope next month they use kittens ! (they are worth noticing)

I don't know...when I was a first year associate, I, and every other male associate at Weil, was given a holiday present of an Hermes tie from one claims agent. (I don't think the gals got scarves, though.) Another gave me a bag of beach toys. I suspect that if I actually had any ability to throw business their way, I could have extracted all sorts of personal benefits: sports tickets, meals, etc.

I spend more time reading articles, data studies and opinions in the ABI Journal and to be honest photos of those professionals I have known a very long time since becoming a member in 1987. However, your distress prompted me to look at all of the advertisements so let me register my complaints:
-I don't like to see tattoos on human bodies(page 25).
-I don't like seeing energy sapping light bulbs(pages 35 and 41).
-I don't like seeing just a male floating in air rather than including a female as well since each could use a survival guide for a new lawyer(page 56).
-I don't like to see horses beaten(page 94).

Mr.Lubben I will pay more attention to pictures in the future.

I think it's worth noticing that she's wearing white after Labor Day. An autumnal orange tie doesn't save that fashion faux pas.

Seems rather disrespectful of the women who work at BMC. Did anyone think about that?

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