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Yoga for Stressed Out Lawyers ... and Their Debtor-Clients

posted by Jason Kilborn

Yoga for lawyersAnd now time for something entirely different. I noticed a great new book in our list of library acquisitions recently that might be of particular interest to two groups that suffer from lots of stress: lawyers and debtors! Credit Slips' own Nathalie Martin has teamed up with a lawyer-turned-yogi and the ABA to produce a really wonderful new book, Yoga for Laywers: Mind-Body Techniques to Feel Better All the Time. The book contains a very nice discussion of stress, its causes and effects, and its relief through yoga poses, mindfulness and meditation.  I've read a lot of these kinds of books, and this one stands out as particulary clear and readable. Moreover, the yoga section is extraordinarily accessible. The poses are (almost) all simple and doable even for beginners, and the photos demonstrate proper practice. Spoiler alert: I was practically buzzing with anticipation at the chance to see photos of my friend Nathalie contorted into various pretzel shapes, but alas, only her co-author (Hallie Neuman Love) is pictured in the book. Great book, great way to relieve stress and feel better. Check it out! 


Thanks so much Jason. No, I did not pay him or even ask him to write this but I do appreciate the shout out.

and he's right about the photos. no need to worry about seeing me in yoga clothes.

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