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Rants and Book Recommendations

posted by Stephen Lubben

IMG_4527Just back from European Law and Economics, where the big topics at the coffee breaks were the Scottish vote, until that was resolved, sort of, Argentina, which is widely seen as a self-created mess for the U.S. courts, and the Air France strike, which caused presenters and chairs to miss sessions at random throughout the conference.

I also came home to find that the Financial Times had revised its paper format to make everything look like a "Special Advertising Section." Sigh.

But the flight home was helped along by a good read:  Money and Tough Love, by Liaquat Ahamed. It's an inside look at the IMF in action, and while not quite as intimate as some of the other books in the same series from publisher Visual Editions, it was a great read. The second third of the book provides a very nice overview of the Irish situation in particular.


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