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Warren & Westbrook: Two More Authors = Six More Pages?

posted by John Pottow

WWPP Text coverA dubious ROI you might think, but the long-awaited update to the classic is now here!

Many readers may have learned from or taught from Warren & Westbrook's casebook,  The Law of Debtors and Creditors. Necessitated by one author's distracting moonlighting in Washington, it now picks up an even stronger Credit Slips connection, transforming into Warren, Westbrook, Porter & Pottow.  The Seventh Edition is now in print and ready for use: bankruptcy nerds rejoice!

Those of us who have used this gem for years have recognized it was getting a trifle long in the tooth (the last edition was around 2008 when BAPCPA was just a pup).  Over the course of two years, we did a complete soup-to-nuts revision of the book, keeping the problem set focus and empirical bent -- and of course favorite characters from the problems. We vastly updated and overhauled some content, all within the confines of keeping the book the same length (save six pages of Pottow verbosity).  To give just a flavor, the book now has multiple assignments and problems on 363 sales and a new section on "Beyond Chapter 11," covering such topics as municipal bankruptcy and "too big to fail" financial institutions.  Consumer coverage was also revamped, moving the means test after the students have learned the basics of chapter 7 and chapter 13, and adding a new section on consumer bankruptcy theory and practice.

In the Teacher's Manual, we worked for more clear organization to help those of us in a pinch to prep. And of course, just as students have always feared, some answers changed--even when the problems didn't. We look forward to your comments and feedback, and hope you have as much fun teaching it as we did writing it.


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