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DDoS and Captchas

posted by Bob Lawless

Captcha FakeIf you are a long-time reader of Credit Slips, first thank you. Second, you probably noticed we were off the air earlier in the week. Our blog hosting service, Typepad, was the victim of a criminal denial-of-service attack. According to TechCrunch, Typepad even received a ransom note offering to stop the attacks if payment was received. Although it was frustrating to be down for such an extended period, Typepad did a great job of keeping its customers informed about the situation, and I wish them the best as they recover from this attack.

When the attacks first began, there were some complaints that the captchas were not working. The captcha problem seem to have continued, although it seems to work for some and others. Still, I have turned off the captchas, and you should be able to comment without authenticating. If we get a flood of spam comments, I will probably turn the captchas back on.

Thank you fakecaptcha.com. You write that requiring acknowledgement would be lame, meaning the thanks you get is sincere.


I was very sad you were offline. No other site I know of offers the service you do. Thank you.

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