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Worth Reading

posted by Bob Lawless


It is satire. Really good satire.

Hat tip to CL&P Blog.


All it's missing are comments by Todd Zywicki on why this is a good thing.

Walmart gets a lot of flak, but much of it seems to be because they're the largest retailer.

From what I've seen, Target and other retailers don't provide any better pay or benefits than Walmart. I've noticed that the Walmart stores in my area are much more likely to have long term employees (10-20 years) than similar stores, though some (Shopko, KMart) don't provide a good comparison since they closed.

The fact that Walmart is better at retaining workers than comptetitors says that either they intentionally hire people who won't look for a better job or perhaps they are not as bad as they're made out to be.

Walmart is the only company I've ever seen that had its employees hold a food drive for themselves.

Some Guy, for the win.

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