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2014 Boulder Summer Conference on Consumer Financial Decision Making

posted by Lauren Willis

For anyone thinking, teaching, or writing in the area of consumer financial decision making, the Boulder Summer conference is top notch. The last time I attended, the keynote from Dick Thaler addressed SMART disclosure, Tess Wilkinson-Ryan presented empirical evidence showing that borrowers are less likely to feel obligated to repay debts when those debts have been sold to third parties than when held by the original creditor, Linda Salisbury presented empirical work on the effectiveness of CARD Act minimum payment warnings, and Credit Slips' own Bob Lawless presented evidence of discrimination in advice given to bankruptcy filers. Abstracts are due this week if you have something you'd like to present (submit abstract link). The conference is May 18-20, 2014 at the swanky St. Julien Hotel in beautiful Boulder, Colorado. Official conference description follows the jump.

Conference Overview The Boulder Summer Conference in Consumer Financial Decision Making, now in its 5th year, is the world’s foremost conference for discussion of interdisciplinary research on consumer financial decision-making for scholars in economics, psychology, sociology, behavioral finance, consumer research, decision sciences, behavioral economics, and law. Consumer welfare is strongly affected by household financial decisions large and small: choosing mortgages; saving to fund college education or retirement; using credit cards to fund current consumption; choosing how to “decumulate” savings in retirement; deciding how to pay for health care and insurance; and investing in the stock market, managing debt in the face of financial distress. This conference brings together outstanding scholars from around the world in a unique interdisciplinary conversation with regulators, business people in financial services, and consumer advocates working on problems of consumer financial decision-making.


This sounds like a fantastic event. Household financial decisions are increasingly complex and we are often little prepared to make decisions that have such long lasting consequences.

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