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Tabb on Bankruptcy

posted by Bob Lawless

West Publishing will soon release the third edition of Tabb's Law of Bankruptcy authored by my colleague, Charles Tabb. This treatise is moving over to West from Foundation Press. The expected release date is November 14. In my opinion, Charles has produced the best one-volume treatise in bankruptcy. It's my go-to reference whenever I have a question that I need to look up. What is all the more impressive is that it is a one-man show -- Charles has been a writing machine to publish this new edition. The new edition features a few "minor" developments in bankruptcy law like Stern v. Marshall, the RADLax decision, the GM and Chrysler bankruptcies, Hamilton v. Lanning . . . well, if you're a bankruptcy specialist you get the idea. There have been a lot of not-s0 minor developments since the last edition.

Congrats, Charles, on the new edition and on becoming part of the West portfolio of legal treatises.


I have used this book for years and highly recommend it too. I'm pre-ordering today! It's my go-to for a quick look when I don't want to schlep down to the library for Colliers. I think the explanations are great and offer something different than Colliers, which is more a collection of case law. Charles is a teacher and that comes through in the book. But for Charles' book, I would have never figured out (to the extent one can) section 522(f).

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