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Lubben on Corporate Finance

posted by Bob Lawless

Lubben Corporate FinanceCongratulations to Credits Slips's Stephen Lubben who has just published Corporate Finance with Wolters Kluwer in the Aspen Casebook Series. The book promises coverage of bankruptcy along with other, lesser areas of the law like M&A and corporate law generally.

The book doesn't appear to shy away from math, and good for Stephen. Lawyers in training need to hear that math is very much a part of legal practice, especially in business law. This book covers exactly the sort of stuff that students who want to practice in the 21st century should be thinking about.


Hopefully the book is at least $200, and by 2016, once a few used copies get out there, they issue a new edition. I demand nothing less.

"Lawyers in training need to here that math is very much a part of legal practice, especially in business law."

So are grammar and spelling.

That said, we love this website.

- The Spelling Police

Here, hear.

Thanks for the note. I fixed the typo.

You also misspelled "century."

Thanks and darnit. I have not been posting much because I have been extremely busy. Those mistakes should teach me not to hurriedly type up a post.

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