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Financial Education in Singapore

posted by Adam Levitin

As Lauren's work has detailed, there's a veritable financial literacy industry in the United States. The CFPB is even charged with undertaking certain financial literacy initiatives. As it turns out Singapore is a full decade ahead of us on this front.  The government of Singapore has a quite good financial education website.  


This is very interesting but somewhat out of kilter with the deregulated cowboyish Singapore I was familiar with pre-crisis.

Advertisements for leveraged CMS steepener notes with FTSE-100 kickers. All sorts of crazy structured product that any mom and pop could go into their local bank branch and buy! Brochures complete with chart-porn of backtested returns! Just the kind of adrenaline charged products that gung-ho Asian equity-market pumped investors would love until they went horribly wrong. And, just the kind of product we need to keep regular consumers away from.

Perhaps this is back to basics for Singaporean investors?

Hey adam, THX for rolling over on the art 9 debate. RUN

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