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Comment Spam Fail

posted by Bob Lawless

Every morning, I go through the list of comments and unpublish all the comment spam. Typically, the comment spam tries to engage with the blog content in what I can only suppose is an attempt to not look like spam. In this morning's comment queue was this gem that I had to share, purporting to be from "Best Financial Blog":

Definitely Elizabeth Warren is a good senator. Warren is also a good blog poster. He always posts a good and informative post. He also belongs to Financial Protection Bureau, which is a good thing. He always posts a good blog.

A piece of friendly advice to the business firm -- yes, I know who it is -- who paid someone to spam our blog. Whatever you're paying them, it's too much.


Honestly. "He" ????

Call me a dreamer of utopian pipe dreams but I suspect that somewhere software exists capable of distinguishing between common feminine and masculine names.

Do they really think the peeps are that dumb?

I just think the spammers are almost never Americans, nor are they native english speakers.

That sounds like a script, or someone using machine translation. And there is a URL in the sig, right?

That's to get their google Page Rank up.

hilarious, thanks for sharing. how can you tell whether THIS is spam?? :)

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