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2013 Boulder Conference on Consumer Financial Decision Making

posted by Bob Lawless

My general level of curmudgeonalityTM usually makes me reticent to repost notices about conferences and such. These sorts of blog posts strike me as useful as having me walk down the street with a sandwich board advertising the conference. Professor John Lynch of the University of Colorado wrote with a call for papers for next year's Boulder Conference on Consumer Financial Decision Making, and for these reasons I did not want it to be just another repost of a conference announcement. I went to this conference for the first time last year, and it is a really good conference.

This conference is highly interdisciplinary covering all sorts of topics in the area of consumer finance. The paper submission process is competitive and produces high-quality papers for the presentations and poster sessions. Last year's conference had scholars from economics, psychology, sociology, anthropology, marketing, finance, and law. Also in attendance were industry players and representatives of government agencies. There was a strong emphasis on data and informed policy-making. There were sessions last year on everything from household overindebtedness to retirement savings to student debt to wealth accumulation. On top of everything else, you're in Boulder.

There is much more information on the web page linked above. The submission deadline is December 15, 2013. If you are an academic who works in the sorts of areas Credit Slips covers, you will be doing yourself a favor by checking it out and considering whether you might have a paper that would fit the conference's theme.


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