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Student Loans Are the First Step Toward Nazism

posted by Bob Lawless


He apologized for his remark. Of course no one ever made an inappropiate statement. Maybe this may be a Republican vs Democrat issue and I am certain this unfortunate statement will gain more attention. No matter, lets run him out of the Country just like a reply many years ago that suggested Elizabth Warren should live in another country and I defended her.Would do it again, even though we do not belong to the same political party.

It's obviously a very unintelligent comment, but I've heard enough arguments that "student loan debt equals slavery" to not panic when someone suggests that making student loans equals fascism.

Maybe these two groups of people should get together. I'd love to hear that conversation.

Maybe Rep. Bartlett is on to something.

Without fail, as soon as a I put my student loan payment in the envelope, I jump out of my seat and shout "Mein Fuhrer I can walk!"

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