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Bankruptcy on the Bar

posted by Bob Lawless

One of our recent grads tells me that the recent Texas bar exam had a question on bankruptcy law. That got me wondering how many states test bankruptcy law on their bar exam. Two minutes of searching around on Google did not reveal any others, but by then my limited attention span was exhausted.


Bob, you probably asked the grad about this already, but perhaps the exam just used a bankruptcy hypothetical primarily to test the UCC article 9 rules or state mortgage law (strong-arm clause, etc.)? I can't say for sure, but suspect that would be fairly common.

It could have been, but bankruptcy law is on the Texas bar exam according to that state bar examiners' web site.

Related to Melissa's point, NC had a business organizations question (issue related to piercing the corporate veil) a few years ago that involved a bankruptcy hypothetical if memory serves correctly. While bankruptcy wasn't and isn't tested in NC, it was very helpful to know bankruptcy in answering the question.

Bankruptcy is a "crossover" topic on the Texas bar. This last July it was tested as part of the secured transactions essay. Looking through past exams, the examiners seem to rarely test on the subject.

It was essay number 6 on for the July 2012 AM session: http://www.ble.state.tx.us/exam_info/past_exams/main_pastexams.htm

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