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Six Years and Counting

posted by Bob Lawless

0110Today is the sixth anniversary of Credit Slips, which is hard to believe. We have been through a lot of changes since then -- new authors and new formats. What has not changed is the mission. We continue to try to serve as a platform for policy-level discussions of topics in credit, finance, and bankruptcy. On behalf of everyone at Credit Slips, I want to thank all of our readers and especially thank those of you who contribute to the discussion with the many insightful comments we receive.

It has been a lot of fun keeping this blog going, although not always easy trying to keep up with my day job of being a law professor. We'll keep going as long as you all keep coming to the site.


Happy Birthday, CreditSlips. Thank you, all, for what you do here.

Expecting lawyers to decipher something as techie as a binary number? Dangerous.

Ladies and Gentlemen - Thank you for sticking to it.

If you had been here in March of 2006, I would have known NOT to buy my first home (a NoVA condo), based on a fabricated (by the loan officer) loan ap attached to a loan which was approved on the basis of a juiced (by the loan officer) appraisal.

If you had been here in March of 2006, I would not find myself, a 60-year old public servant, under house arrest and impossibly underwater, with nothing but financial ruin in my future as reward for being defrauded by my lender six years ago, and for remaining a hard-working "responsible" borrower to this day.

This is the same future that faces 2 million other GSE hey-day borrowers still in good standing.

As everyone knows, there will be no just resolution to this tragedy. We will be bled to death.

In the meantime, we will continue to suffer the slanderous"dead beat" label (for that is our involuntary fate) that even your most well-respected members have recently tossed - very quotably - into the blogosphere.

Happy Sixth! My favorite break in the day is usually spent devouring a credit slips post.

Binary like law, on or off, legal or illegal.
Happy Birthday.

May you live to be 01111000 (if I didn't slip some digits)!

Happy Milestone! :) Congratulations all you original bloggers and thanks for sharing! Nathalie

A late yet sincere happy birthday! Nice work, all around. Great tone, great content.

whooo hoooo

time to free willie!!!

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