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Foreclosure Statistics for New Mexico: These Just Out

posted by Nathalie Martin

Foreclosure statistics obviously vary from local jurisdiction to jurisdiction, as well as from one time period to the next. For example, sometime back in 2008, New Mexico was 36th in the nation in the number of foreclosures, obviously lower than average. Now it is 11th in the nation. Right now, one in every 452 Santa Fe homes and one in every 550 Albuquerque homes is in foreclosure, and about 15,000 cases are filed each year, about half in Albuquerque. The lack of lawyers reported by the New York Times in February of 2011 is still palpable. Attorney Angelica Anaya-Allen, from the United South Broadway Corporation, which defends foreclosures in New Mexico, did an analysis of the reported decisions in all foreclosure cases in Santa Fe over a two year period. She found that of the 828 reported decisions that favored lenders during the one-year period in which she looked, 600 were default judgments. Ms. Anaya-Allen reports that out of the 15,000 cases filed per year, she’d be surprised if more than 500 borrowers, or roughly 3%, were represented. 


It's no surprise, new mexico was not mentioned earlier though, many folks moved there, although not in the same droves as arizona and nevada,

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