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posted by Stephen Lubben

Harrisburg filed its chapter 9 petition via fax?


Not only that, unless there's some surprise provision of PA law to the contrary, they're not entitled to file under Chapter 9 at all. As Katie pointed out a while back, section 109(c)(2) requires state authorization for a municipal Chapter 9 filing, and given that a big fight with the state over an impending receivership seems to have precipitated this move, it seems highly unlikely that Harrisburg has satisfied this requirement. Yet again, a group of headstrong politicians seems to have ignored advice from counsel that their move is legally improper (though the story didn't clearly indicate what their lawyer had told them was improper). What a mess.

If your bankruptcy lawyer doesn't use ECF, you need a new bankruptcy lawyer.

The other day, someone was insisting that I needed to send them something by fax instead of scanning and attaching to an e-mail. "Who uses fax anymore?," I complained to my faculty assistant. Now I know.

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