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Ain't That the Truth

posted by Bob Lawless

"[L]et us stress being a professor specializing in bankruptcy is not a power position, even at Harvard Law School."

That high truth-value statement is from Yves Smith's post over at Naked Capitalism pondering whether Elizabeth Warren should run for president, a post that comes across as more of a thought experiment on what Obama's failure to appoint Warren to the CFPB post means for the political left. But, I like the idea of blogging for Credit Slips as a step toward the presidency.


Bob Lawless said:
"But, I like the idea of blogging for Credit Slips as a step toward the presidency."

I dunno about that Bob. How are you on Abortion? Social security and medicare? Heh.

Granted, it comes via Ms. Webber... But I think the stock value of Slips just bumped a few... IPO? Can I get in early? ;)

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