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Happy Fifth Birthday

posted by Bob Lawless

200px-US_5.svg On July 18, 2006, a few academics studying bankruptcy and debt decided to take a whirl on putting up a blog making today the fifth anniversary of Credit Slips' launch. According to Site Meter, we have had over 1.4 million visits during that time resulting in over 2.3 million page views. Those numbers do not even count those of you who read us in places like Google Reader.

We will continue to try to do what we do best, discussing credit and bankruptcy issues from a policy perspective. We cannot pretend we don't make mistakes, but what we try to bring you are independent perspectives. Credit Slips does not accept advertising or solicited guest posts (and you would be amazed how many people write wanting us to host their blog post on some industry topic).

Thank you for your readership and interest. It has sustained us for five years, and we to keep this discussion going for a long time.


Happy Anniversary! (Count me as a frequent reader, but one who does so using Google Reader).

Many thanks to you and your colleagues for your leadership on these issues.

Happy Birthday! Can't wait to see what the next five years hold for this great site!

When Elizabeth Warren is once again available, I hope that she will be able to return to a place where she is loved and admired - CreditSlips, as well as Harvard.

Happy birthday and thanks for some interesting and informative discussions.

Happy fifth anniversary of Credit Slips. Many more to come.

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