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American Bankers Association Now Backs Warren

posted by Bob Lawless

A few years back there was a person who used to write for Credit Slips named Elizabeth Warren. She left the blog, and we had heard she took a government job in Washington, DC. Now, word comes via our friends at the CL&P Blog that the American Bankers Association is backing her candidacy to head the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau.

This is great news, and I hope it breaks the political logjam against her nomination. President Obama could not pick a better person to head the CFPB.

UPDATE (5/3): As noted by commenter JJM, the president of the American Bankers Association is now backtracking on his statement. See here from Jeff Gelles at the Philadelphia Inquirer (which includes a wonderful analysis of a heretofore unknown phenomenon to me: the Kinsley gaffe).


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