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The "Bachelor Party Payday Loan Ad" Makes the NYT

posted by Bob Lawless

Andrew Martin over at Bucks blog at the New York Times also found and commented on the payday loan company trolling for customers who wanted to finance their bachelor party at a 300% APR. As our own Nathalie Martin commented a couple of weeks ago when noticed the same ad: this takes the cake. (BTW, that web page will try to stop you from hitting the "back" button on your browser to get back to this page -- another business practice only employed by the "finest" companies.)


I saw even the payday lenders are condemning that gem. http://paydaypundit.org/2011/04/06/giving-the-industry-a-bad-name/

All the links to the the loan company in question now appear to be down. Google cache still shows the inane pitches for "the lighter side of loans" though, including a payday loan for cosmetic surgery... wow.

Yes, I understand this ad has been taken down. As Jim noted above, even some places associated with the industry condemned the ad.

Hey, you have to get yourself redone so you can get a better job and repay that payday loan. You see, it all makes perfect sense.

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