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posted by Stephen Lubben

Maybe others have noticed this earlier, but I just today discovered that not only has the TARP Congressional Oversight Panel disbanded (which I knew), but their web site, along with all those great reports and expert testimony is gone.

Update:  Many thanks to former TARP COP staffer Kevin Wack, who notes that while the original web page is gone, the information is now hosted by the University of North Texas here. Hopefully Google will pick up the change ASAP.


You can use the wayback machine at archive.org! The last time the site was captured was Oct 12, 2010.

The reason I save the contents of a web page or PDF, not just the URL, if I want to be sure I can find it.

This also doesn't speak well for open government if the information is no longer easily available. The question is if it was an intentional act or some staff member doing routine COP shutdown without thinking through the consequences.

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