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FeedBurner & E-mail Subscriptions

posted by Bob Lawless

By popular demand, I have made some changes to the news feed for Credit Slips. The first change is that the Credit Slips feed is now available through FeedBurner. I am told this change should not affect anyone who already has subscribed to the Credit Slips feed because FeedBurner will automatically be sending your Credit Slips posts to your old feed. It worked for me although I did get some duplicate posts immediately after I switched us to FeedBurner, but the duplicates might have been because I was the one fiddling with the settings.

The reason I switched to FeedBurner was to implement the second change, which many people had requested. You now can sign up to receive Credit Slips posts via e-mail. Just enter your e-mail address in the box to the right, and FeedBurner will start sending our posts to your inbox. You can configure how you receive those e-mails through FeedBurner.

If you are wondering "What's a news feed?," you can ignore this post. You will still be able to read Credit Slips the old-fashioned way by clicking on a link or a bookmark in your web browser.


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