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Congressional Oversight Panel Web Site Repository

posted by Adam Levitin

If you happened to look in the last few days for Congressional Oversight Panel reports, materials, etc., you wouldn't find them at their usual home at www.cop.senate.gov.  The COP website is down, as the Panel no longer exists.  Hopefully the site it will be restored, or at least the address will have automatic forwarding, as the COP reports are an incredibly valuable resource for anyone attempting to understand the financial crisis.  In the meantime, if you're looking for the materials, you can find the National Archives version of the site in the federal cybercemetery (courtesy of the University of North Texas), here:


[Apparently my intrepid co-blogger Stephen Lubben beat me to the punch: http://www.creditslips.org/creditslips/2011/04/tarp-cop-gone.html.  Whoops.]


Always nice work! It is amazing that they are mothballing the reports already... Thankfully we have them saved and incorporated as footnotes to findings we continue to evidence... http://diligencegroupllc.net/

I agree with you. This type of projects should be encouraged and I think that these type of projects are the projects for the future. . . . .

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