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One for the Article 9 Mavens

posted by Bob Lawless

UCC Coffee You're working late, trying to complete the documentation on a secured loan. You're sleepy as visions of security agreements and financing statements dance in your head. What is the perfect pick-me-up: UCC Coffee (now with milk)!

It's smooth, refreshing, and there is none of that bitter aftertaste you get from the common law.

OK, I'll grant that the real origin of this wonderfully named product is the Ueshima Coffee Co. from Kobe, Japan. Nonetheless, it should find its way into law school hypotheticals and exams dealing with the Uniform Commercial Code. After all, it is not only good, but it is also goods.

Hat tip to my student, Matt Lees, for bringing this can to class the other day.


Not all UCC lawyers in Japan preferred UCC Coffee. When in Japan, my favorite canned coffee was Coffee Boss, which bears a visage resembling that of Uncle Joe Stalin.


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