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Illinois Foreclosures Delayed

posted by Adam Levitin

Yet more servicing snafus. 


What this also means is that Fisher and Shapiro, one of the biggest foreclosure firms in Illinois, will never again be successful on a motion for summary judgment in Illinois. Thanks, Adam.

If you read the transcripts of the hearings that resulted in Judge Stern's opinion In re Jenny Rivera,[sorry I only have the slip opinion handy] (Bankr. D.N.J. 2006)("S&D is part of a national network of law firms owned or controlled by two Illinois attorneys, Gerald M. Shapiro and David Kreisman") it appears that many, if not all, of the foreclosure mills with "Shapiro" in the name are linked by shared ownership. There have been stories of problematic certifications from Shapiro and Diaz, Fisher and Shapiro, Shapiro & Fishman.

I have yet to see anyone try to connect the dots.

Thanks for posting the link, Adam and Credit Slip folks. I, erhmm, borrowed the link for a posting over at PropertyProf.

In my defense, Adam, I've previously identified you on PropertyProf as the best analyst of the mortgage servicing nightmare.

Mark Edwards

on a motion for summary judgment in Illinois.

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