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Welcome Troy McKenzie

posted by Adam Levitin

Credit Slips would like to welcome Troy McKenzie as a guest blogger. Troy is an Associate Professor of Law at NYU Law School, where he teaches bankruptcy, civil procedure, and complex litigation classes.  Troy's scholarship has focused on the intersection of bankruptcy and Constitutional law, an often neglected area of legal scholarship.  Generally, Constitutional law experts aren't well versed in bankruptcy law and policy and don't wish to become so, while bankruptcy experts often shy away from the still unsettled Constitutional status of the US bankruptcy court system, and its uncomfortable non-Article III existence.  

Troy's background spans both fields--as a bankruptcy practitioner at Debevoise and Plimpton and as a law clerk for the US Supreme Court.  (Note how few bankruptcy scholars--or practitioners--have clerked for the Supreme Court--I can think of all of 3.  A wag might note how problematic the Supreme Court's bankruptcy jurisprudence is...)  Troy's scholarship in the Constitutional dimensions of bankruptcy goes where others fear to tread, and we're the richer for it.  Welcome Troy!


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