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Losing Part of Our Foundation

posted by Bob Lawless

Back in June 2006, there were seven professors who were working on the Consumer Bankruptcy Project. We were knee-deep in the minutiae of drafting surveys, codebooks, and interviews. We started Credit Slips as a way to have some intellectual interaction among the team. We were not too worried about having readers. The point was for us to have a place to write for each other.

WIthout these founding members, Credit Slips would never have gotten started let alone have found any readers. Three of our founders have recently decided to retire from Occasional status: Debb Thorne at Ohio University, John Pottow at the University of Michigan, and Angie Littwin at the University of Texas. As their schedule permits, we hope that they will join us from time to time as guests.

We'll miss their valuable insights. Thank you, Debb, John and Angie (as well as our other retired founding members Melissa Jacoby and Elizabeth Warren) for helping to build Credit Slips into the blog it has become today. Whatever success we have is because of our contributors, commenters, and readers.


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