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JSD with Bankruptcy Emphasis

posted by Bob Lawless

We have some readers outside the United States who might be interested in the following. The University of Illinois College of Law has a JSD program, which awards an advanced graduate degree primarily designed for students intending to pursue an academic career. Typically, students come from outside the United States and often return to teach law in their home countries. Students are assigned to a faculty member who serves as the principal supervisor for their dissertation research.

Next year, I can supervise one JSD student who would work in the area of bankruptcy. The research project for the dissertation should involve empirical work on bankruptcy and consumer credit in the student's home country. The applicant would have to meet the requirements for and be successfully admitted to the JSD program. For more details, see the College of Law's web page about the JSD program.


If I filed Chapter 7 in May, what is the earliest I could file for Chapter 13?

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