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So now the Kardashians Are Financial Role Models?

posted by Nathalie Martin

That’s what you might think if you heard and believed the buzz about the new Kardashian card, a pre-paid Visa card representing all the glitz and glamour as the sisters themselves. But let’s not forget the demographic for pre-paid cards, or the cost of the cards. Demographics? Tweens and those who can’t get a reasonably priced checking account with a debit card attached. For parents  with no concern for the dollars and cents, the Kardashian card might be a good deal, that is, if you don’t mind shelling out the high cost to get started, $59.95 (which includes fees for the first six months); the $7.95 monthly fee thereafter; and the $2 per item charge when paying bills. You’ll also get dinged up to $2.50 for every ATM withdrawal and $1.50 for every call to the service center. If the kid really wants to look cool, and you consider this a small price to pay for peace at home, go for it. For everyone else, including those in the other demographic that uses pre-paid cards regularly, namely those shut out of traditional banking relationship, I might suggest the green dot instead.


You mean if I put my Kimmie Kard under my pillow she won't visit me in the middle of the night like the tooth fairy did in the past?

I can see all kinds of celebrities getting in on this gravy train. Pretty soon there may be the George Clooney American Express -- Don't leave home without Him!

Has not Russell Simmons (and Prof. Levitin via http://www.creditslips.org/creditslips/2010/06/the-disingenuous-mr-russell-simmons.html ) already been here - or somewhere near here - with the "RushCard"?

Financial role models? Maybe if you want to learn how to exploit your fame for financial gain... Other than that... Of course, my question is "Why are they conferred celebrity status to begin with?"

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