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Law & Society Call for Proposals

posted by Bob Lawless

For our academic readers, I wanted to alert you to a call for proposals for the Law & Society annual meeting to be held June 2-5, 2011, in San Francisco. The Law & Society Association has approved an international research collaborative (IRC) on "Comparative and International Perspectives on Regulation of Household Credit, Debt, and Insolvency." The IRC will run panels at the San Francisco meeting as well as the 2012 international meeting for Law & Society to be held in Hawaii. Becoming a part of this group is a great way to get to know scholars from many different countries working on issues related to consumer debt.

Unfortunately, the time is short. Fortunately, the proposal need not be more than one- or two-paragraph abstract describing a project that would be ready for a full presentation by the time of the meeting. Of course, if you have work further along, we would like to receive that as well. If you have a proposal, send it to me by this Friday, December 3. We will give every proposal we receive full consideration, but cannot promise to accept every submission. If you do not have a project to present but would like to participate as part of the IRC, it would be great to see you in San Francisco.


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