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No Thank You to Alan White -- We Have a Better Idea

posted by Bob Lawless

Our regular readers will remember that, back in August, Professor Alan White of Valparaiso University kindly agreed to share his thoughts with us as a guest blogger. Our usual and customary practice is to put up a post thanking our guest bloggers at the end of their time with us. Those of you keeping score at home will note that there has been no such post. That's right, we have said no thank you to Alan.

Instead, we had a much better idea. Alan will join Credit Slips as one of our occasional bloggers. He will post here with his usual fantastic insights on real estate and mortgage issues as they relate to the sort of topics we cover here on Credit Slips. Alan also will continue posting on more general consumer law topics with our friends over at the Consumer Law & Policy Blog with some occasional cross-posting between the two blogs.


that is great news

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