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Get a Signed Glossy Photo from Adam Levitin

posted by Bob Lawless

Reliable sources tell me that, on October 22, 2010, the American College of Bankruptcy is sponsoring a symposium, "Responses to the Financial Crisis," that will focus on the role of the bankruptcy system and how to handle "too big to fail" institutions. The symposium is open to the public and is provided at no cost to the participants, but you do have to register at the symposium web site (which also has more information). The symposium will take place at the Georgetown University School of Law.

Among the outstanding faculty on the program is Credit Slips regular and Georgetown law professor, Adam Levitin. Rumor has it that Levitin might provide a signed glossy photo if you ask and that if you ask nicely it will even be a photo of someone other than Levitin. However, no promises or warranties of fitness or merchantability are made. And, just to be clear, the phrase "reliable sources" means I heard about this symposium from someone other than Levitin. Adam, if you want equal time for rebuttal, the comments are open.


Gah! I am there! Albeit perhaps with a photo of David Evans for Adam to deface, err, sign.

These photos of which you speak, Professor, will they, perchance, be 8x10 color with circles and arrows and a paragraph on the back? :)

And if you send in 10 proofs of purchase plus $6.99 shipping and handling, you can get your very own Bob Lawless bobblehead doll, limited collectors edition.

Bobblehead? In other words, to scale.

If I can't make it, where can I my own copy of the autograph which I am sure will be worth a pretty penny in the future :)

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