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New Faces, Old Faces, and a Few Changes

posted by Bob Lawless

As the Credit Slips blogger with the oldest face, I probably should be announcing a new face for myself. Instead, it's the blog that is going to get some new faces and is going to see a few changes. Before discussing those changes, I have been remiss for not thanking Jason Kilborn for his time with us. As always, Jason updated us on issues happening around the world and offered his always insightful take on them.

We're dividing the permanent Credit Slips bloggers into two groups. One group will post regularly, and another will post occasionally. I was tasked with the job of creating names for these two groups. My fertile imagination immediately seized upon the monikers "Regulars" and "Occasionals."

The Regulars will include Adam Levitin, Stephen Lubben, Katie Porter, and me. The fifth Regular is Professor Nathalie Martin of the University of New Mexico School of Law. Being the fifth Regular is kind of like being the fifth Beatle, or at least it would be if the rest of the Regulars were talented, wealthy, and famous. Regular readers will remember Professor Martin's contributions as a guest blogger for us. On behalf of all the Regular bloggers here at Credit Slips, I want to extend a warm welcome to Nathalie and express our appreciation for making the commitment to join us. Her interests include not only bankruptcy but consumer law more generally. Her work at the University of New Mexico allows her to keep herself well informed on what is happening on the ground and provides a great perspective about the theoretical but tempered by the practical.

Current Regular bloggers Angie Littwin, John Pottow, and Debb Thorne will become Occasional bloggers. You can look forward to continuing to see their contributions but just not as frequently as in the past. Sadly, Professor Elizabeth Warren's other obligations prevent her continued participation as part of Credit Slips. Besides, can anyone associated with this modest blog truly be one of the 100 most influential people in the world? If her schedule ever permits, Professor Warren should know she is welcome back here anytime.

Professor Anna Gelpern of the American University Washington College of Law also will join us as an Occasional blogger. Professor Gelpern has appeared as a guest blogger here on Credit Slips, offering fresh insights on international debt crises, including problems with sovereign debt. Her headline "CDS Nudity on the Exotic Fringe" currently takes second prize on the list of "Credit Slips Posts Most Likely to Disappoint a Google User." (Reigning champ is still here.) Welcome, Anna!

Those are some of the changes in personnel, and we may announce a few more in the coming weeks. We hope these changes will give us the ability to talk a little bit more broadly about the bankruptcy, credit, consumer, and financial institutions issues that are at the core of this blog. Our mission will remain the same--providing what we hope is interesting and insightful commentary on issues in these areas not only to current specialists but also to informed outsiders. We will never be a news blog, trying to cover all the recent developments. Thank you for reading us. This blog started, more or less, on a lark, and it has been incredibly gratifying to learn that at least a few people will take the time to read what we think about an issue.

In the coming weeks, there also will be a few formatting changes on the blog. The content won't change, or how to access the content won't change. Within my limited web design skills, I hope to make the site a little cleaner and easier to read. Thanks again for checking in on Credit Slips.


I have and will continue to enjoy this blog and all who have and will continue to comment upon issues. While I may differ at times with the commentaries, they have been interesting and valuable to myself.

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