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Four Years of the Slips

posted by Bob Lawless

Blogpost Over last weekend, we passed the four-year anniversary of Credit Slips. We've been blessed to have the bit of modest success we have enjoyed. As I wrote once, I was amazed the day that I typed in "creditslips.org," and the Intertubes took me to this site we had set up. The idea that anyone would read or care about what got posted here was even more novel.

Thanks for reading and participating as part of our little corner of the Tubes. We'll keep plugging away, and we hope you like the new format.

And, yes, the image is relevant to this post. Katie will explain why in the comments.


Congratulations on your anniversary. Credit Slips has become a must-read for me and the rest of the editorial staff here at http://www.CreditCards.com

Well, I thought the image was a towel and so I thought Bob wanted me to explain how blogging at Credit Slips was such hard work that we needed to mop our brows on occasion.

But it turns out the image is a linen towel, and linen is a typical gift for a 4th wedding anniversary.

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