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Credit Crunch

posted by Katie Porter

6a00d8341cf9b753ef0134859a6c6a970c-400wi For virtually every hobby, interest or passion, there are bumper stickers, posters, Christmas tree ornaments, and desk knick-knacks. I like golf; I like to knit; I like basset hounds, and I have a haphazard and modest-sized collection of stuff that represent those hobbies. But for those of us who give the term "credit junkie" a different spin, it's pretty slim pickings. What am I supposed to do, collect discarded credit cards?

So I was delighted to find the "Credit Crunch" t-shirt, advertising "Crispy Sugar Coated Nuggets of Nothingness." It's sized just right for my sons, one of whom models it below. I dutifully explained to my children that this shirt is about what Mommy teaches. They nodded politely. Later my 4-year old told the grocery store clerk that his mom is a Professor of Cereal!

p.s. I have categorized this post under "Fine Arts and Credit & Bankruptcy" because I have no idea why we have that category as a blog!    


"Fine arts" is a legally interesting subcategory of property. It is the only kind of chattel, AFAIK, in which nemo dat plays a very strong role, and adverse claims are very significant.

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