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Electronic Copy of Bankruptcy Code and Rules

posted by Bob Lawless

There are online versions of the Bankruptcy Code such as BankrLaw, which I maintain and which allows for retrieval of historical versions of the code or the one at the Legal Information Institute. These sites divide the Code into individual sections. But, I have been wanting a single file with the full Bankruptcy Code that I could put on my Kindle and laptop for quick access while working or during conferences and classes. Because more than a few Credit Slips readers might have need for such a thing, I was contemplating putting such a file together myself and posting it here, but I just made a great discovery. The Office of the Law Revision Counsel of the U.S. House of Representatives has done the job already. You can get PDF versions of the full U.S. Bankruptcy Code and the Federal Rules of Bankruptcy Procedure with Official Forms (actually a pretty big file). The files are current through the first session of the 111th Congress (i.e., 2009). If you click around, you'll be able to find versions in other electronic formats. If readers have other suggestions for electronic bankruptcy resources, please post them in the comments Internet.

Irrelevant Postscript: I always try to spell check posts before putting them online, and it always seems especially ironic that our blog hosting service's spell checker does not have the word "online" in its dictionary. "Cramdown" I can understand being absent, but one would think that a blog-hosting service would have "online" down pat. And, before any former colleagues who are sticklers for correct usage try to claim the hyphenated "on-line" should be preferred, OED says "online" is correct.


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