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Conference on Subprime Lending

posted by Katie Porter

An upcoming conference on subprime lending will feature empirical work from a data set of subprime loans put together by a collaboration of consumer advocates and professors. A brief conference announcement and link to the conference website is below. Ian Ayres is the luncheon speaker, and many of the paper titles are intriguing, including my favorite "How Good is the GFE? How Much Truth is There in TILA?"  I particularly note that the conference is open to practitioners, as well as academics, that CLE credit is available, and that the registration cost is very reasonable.

Conference Announcement: The National Consumer Law Center, University of Connecticut School of Law and Valparaiso University School of Law, with the generous support of the Ford Foundation, are pleased to announce a symposium entitled: Anatomy of the Subprime Mortgage Crisis. An interdisciplinary group of scholars will present original empirical papers exploring the terms and characteristics of subprime mortgages, based on a unique database offering unprecedented loan-level details of mortgage terms and borrower characteristics compiled from actual loan files. Speakers will include economists, geographers, sociologists and legal scholars, speaking on such topics as the effectiveness of disclosures, equity stripping and the use of subprime loan proceeds, and racial disparities in subprime pricing and loan terms. The symposium will be held at Valparaiso Law School in Valparaiso, Indiana on March 26, 2010.

A schedule and registration information is here.


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