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Greetings to Max Gardner

posted by Katie Porter

Credit Slips welcomes O. Max Gardner III as a guest blogger. In my opinion, Max is as close to a celebrity as the consumer bankruptcy bar has today, gaining fame for his Bankruptcy Boot Camps. At those camps, and as a speaker around the country at continuing legal education programs, Max shares his approach to helping families save their homes in bankruptcy. He is a true expert on mortgage servicing and was featured on Nightline for his work. I often get the pleasure of presenting with Max at educational programs, and I can assure you that his humor always brings down the house. I learn something every time I talk to Max, and I am certain our Credit Slips audience will find his posts informative. Wtih mortgage servicing again back in the news, Max is certain to be attracting new attendees to his bootcamps and coming up with new litigation strategies to help struggling homeowners.


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