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The Tabb-ed Second Edition Is Out

posted by Bob Lawless

From time to time, I'm asked to recommend a desk reference on bankruptcy law. I have long thought that it was hard to top Charles Tabb's The Law of Bankruptcy. Of late, my only hesitation was that I had thought that for too long. The first edition was more than ten years old. Still, it was a concise and well-written text that covered many timeless principles of bankruptcy law, and despite the passage of time, I still found occasion to use it .

As I was walking through our dean's suite today, it was fantastic to see a gleaming copy of the faculty's newest book proudly on display. The second edition of this wonderful treatise has just become available. The book is organized in a way that will make bankruptcy law accessible to novices. The first edition began each topic with first principles, and Tabb writes in a clear manner that makes any topic understandable. At 1,447 pages, the book also is no quick overview of bankruptcy law. I often used the first edition as a starting point on research topics.

Congratulations to Charles Tabb--my good friend, colleague, and teacher--on the arrival of this new edition. It is sure to become one of the bellwether works in the field.


Might I add that as a frequent customer of Thomson West, I find the $72 price tag quite reasonable compared to the other law books I've bought recently. (In the spirit of full disclosure, Tabb and Lawless were my professors). I just dropped about three times that on a comparable criminal law book.

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