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AALS Debtor-Creditor Call for Papers

posted by Katie Porter

The Association of American Law Schools' Debtor-Creditor Section issued a call for papers on debtor-creditor scholarship, most broadly understood, for presentation at the AALS Annual Meeting in New Orleans in January 2010. Proposals are welcome from a wide array of perspectives and strong preference will be given to proposals from those who will not yet have been awarded tenure by January 2010 and to those whose work is not already well known within the section. Proposals may be in any stage of production, from early-stage idea to mid-stage working draft to polished paper, though work that will not be published by January 2010 will be strongly preferred.  There is no publication commitment. Deadline for submission is Monday, August 31, 2009. Please email proposals to Jason Kilborn at jkilborn@jmls.edu.

Download AALS_section_Call_for_Papers_2009


Newsweek article on Elizabeth Warren:



The Debt Crusader

Inspired by Dr. Phil, Harvard's Elizabeth Warren has gone to D.C. to change the way America borrows.

By Daniel McGinn | NEWSWEEK
Published Apr 11, 2009
From the magazine issue dated Apr 20, 2009

Great story... thanks for that link AMC... Too cool. Going to post on my fb. I was wondering why I haven't seen blogs from her lately. Busy lady doing good work. Can't ask for more... I do miss her insight and provocative questions though.

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